Yoga for Beginner SeriesBEGINNER SERIES

If you have always wanted to start yoga or have been dabbling in a few classes and now ready to dive a little deeper to understand this practice, we welcome you.  We will meet 3 Saturdays to explore fundamental poses, philosophy, breath work and meditation.

Make a commitment to understand and learn this life changing practice.

Sat. Nov 4, Nov 11 and Nov 18  3-4:45PM

Cost for the series $85


This series got me on a new path with yoga, one that gave me a safe and structured approach to building a yoga practice from the ground up. Before your classes, I kept having to jump in too fast and too deep and so I would end up feeling physically worse, not connected emotionally to the practice or my body, unsure of how to practice at home, and just not understanding why yoga didn’t work for me when I knew it had the potential to be so healing.  After the beginner series with you, I was able to correctly and safely do basic yoga poses that actually helped me gain strength and reduce physical discomfort while also feeling an increased mind-body-spirit connection. From there I was able to build a daily home practice that brought physical and emotional strength and relaxation and peace into my life. When recently struggling with a serious illness, yoga stayed in my life as an important part of my recovery because I knew how to integrate it to fit changes in my body and at times when I felt down about my illness, it brought me so much solace on multiple levels“- Ann

Practicing yoga at Namaste North Yoga Studio has changed my life. Taking the beginner yoga series not only introduced me to the basic yoga poses but also the philosophy of yoga and how to use all aspects of yoga to enrich my life. ”
Thank you! Andrea

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Kitchari3Yoga and Kitchari

A yoga practice to stroke the digestive fire.  The class will include variations of Suryanamaskar A & B, including other postures and movements that centers around the abdominal organs.  After class, there will be a sampling and demonstration on how to cook Kitachri.  An Indian comfort food made from rice, lentils and spices.  This is a good source of food to reset the digestive system.

The yoga session is not recommended for those  that are pregnant or  have any abdominal issues.

If you cannot attend the yoga session, you can participate in the meal and cooking demo of Kitchari,

Sat. Nov  25  3-5pm

Cost for the Entire Session $35

Cost for just the Kitchari Cooking Demo and meal -$15


Yoga for Low Back Care  chronic-low-back-pain

According to research, 80 percent of adults experience lower back pain. If you are one of those people with a tight back, this class will be the right one. We will work on releasing and strengthening the lower back through breath work and postures. Walk away with some good tips on taking care of your back on a daily basis.

Cost $25

From 3 to 5pm


Backbends in Yogayogaposes5

This class is for those with happy backs.  Backbends are invigorating and connects us to the heart chakra.  Backbends also lengthen and works on improving the flexibility of the spine.   In this class we will explore many variations of backbends.
This class is suitable for those who have practiced consistently at least 6 months or more and have a healthy back.
Cost $25
Sat. Dec 9  3-4:45PM