CHI Running
As the snow melts more people start running. Yoga is extremely beneficial to keep the body conditioned fochir any outdoor activities.   This year we are so excited to offer another way to improve your running.  “Chi Running” by Alec Kay, a well known and experienced physical therapist from United Physical Therapy. ChiRunning has helped thousands of runners transform their technique – reducing, preventing and recovering from injuries. Runners of all ages and levels have improved their efficiency and performance, and now find running to be pain-free, easier, and enjoyable.



President of United Physical Therapy

Experience in working sports medicine at the University of California

  • BS in Exercise Physiology and was Certified as an Athletic Trainer in 1988.
  • Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of the Pacific in 1990.
  • Master of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and a Doctor of Manual Therapy degree
  • He is board certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.
  • Alec was trained and certified as a ChiRunning instructor in 2006.

Sat. May 13  and  Sat. May 20 8-10am
For both days, cost is $125


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Studio Anniversary and Mother’s Day Celebration-Sun May 14
Our 4 year anniversary is on May 9 and  we will combine it with Mothers day to celebrate it.  This is a donation based class to benefit RAIS (Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services) under Catholic Social Services.   We will practice a Sun and Moon Sequence class.  Sun energy yoga to move the body and moon energy body to rest in restorative postures. All our welcome.

Sun May 14  10-11:30 am
Donation suggestion: Minimum $15 (cash only please)

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Introduction to Sivananda Yoga Event- Led by Avivasivananda
Hatha Yoga practice that follows the teachings of Swami Sivananda, stretching and strengthening each aspect of the body to keep the body healthy and the mind sharp and attentive. We will open with sacred Sanskrit chanting, give attention to increasing
prana, life force, with pranayama (breath exercises), flow through sunsalutations and then the 12 postures of the Sivananda Yoga sequence. All whilst providing the body with ample relaxation to absorb the benefits of the yoga practice. Open for people of all levels and abilities,with adaptations for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
Led by Aviva- She has been practicing Yoga since 2010.   She practices Hatha, Ashtanga and received her Teacher Training in Sivananda Yoga.

Sat. May 20 3-5PM
Cost $25

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Our Annual Yoga at the Yurt -Led by Sandyyurt1-600x449 (2)
This is another wonderful way to practice close to nature.  Surrounded by mountains, trees, creeks and river.  Hel

d at the Eagle River Nature Center. After practice, stay and enjoy chai tea.  Please reserve your space early, as it gets sold out.

Everyone who participates, get a day parking permit.  So, you are welcome to stay after the program and enjoy the many trails at the Eagle River, Nature Center.

Sunday June 4  11:00-1:00PM
Cost $30

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