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Primary Series Through the Middle Path

Sat. Aug 12 From 11-1pm

A rare and unique Ashtanga Primary Series led by weaving in Buddhist teachings.  Dylan will be sharing his teachings at close range, and introduce us to a deeper approach of Ashtanga Yoga, grounded in the daily practice of traditional Zen Temple life.


Arm Balance, Hip Opening and Sitting Meditations

Sat. Aug 12  4-6pm

Explore more challenging suspended postures… and the foundations that make it all possible. In addition to these active postures, Dylan will encourage students to more passively melt their hips open. Open hips give access to the illuminations made possible by seated meditations — the crown jewels of the yoga practice.



Sun Aug 13 9:30 -11:30 am

This traditional self paced class is welcome to those who already know the sequence. If you are currently using a chart to follow the sequence, please join us as well. You will be given personal guidance from Dylan and hands on assistance if needed.


Engaging Emptiness-Meditation

Mon. Aug 14 From 7-9pm

Buddha and Bandha. The form that surrounds the formless.  The effort that can lead to effortlessness. We celebrate the mysteries and take some time to explore: buddhist meditation techniques, subtle application of internal energetic locks, the power of perception, eternal questions, the nature of mind and even a few asanas.

Each session is $35 or for all 4 sessions it is $125

To register please visit the following link